Our offer includes high quality wooden pallets with  general  dimensions  of  1200  x  800  mm.  We offer you EPAL HT pallets that can be used both in domestic and international forwarding services.   Wooden   pallets   are   made   of   the   highest  quality  coniferous  wood,  that  is  pine  wood,  spruce  wood  and  fi  r  wood.  The  wood  retains   optimal   strength   and   hygroscopicity   due  to  the  processing  including  also  drying  in  appropriate  conditions.

Wooden    pallets    are    fully    environmentally    friendly  products,  they  can  be  used  both  for  transport  and  storage  of  commodities  of  all  kinds.Simple  but  absolutely  versatile  pallet  stucture  is at the same time extra-strong due to  optimal wood  preservation.  Our  pallets  have  suitable  mechanical  and  hygroscopic  properties  (the  moisture content of the wood does not exceed a  few  dozen  percents).Moreover,  EPAL  pallets  hold  relevant  quality  certifi      cates,      which      enable      their      usage      throughout  the  European  Union. 

The  pallets  are   appropriately   balanced   and   the   woodintended for their production is subject to raw materials quality controls. Both the dimensions and   the   weight   of   25   kg   are   standardised,   therefore  they  are  ideal  for  the  transport  by  forklift,  as  well.  EPAL  pallets  loading  capacity,  depending  on  the  load,  can  be  of  1  up  to  1,5  tonnes.  Coniferous  wood  that  we  use  is  also  well-suited  to  changeable  weather  conditions.  It  should  not  be  forgotten  that,  besides  their  functional   value,   wooden   pallets   are   also   environmentally     friendly     products,     which     applies to their treatment process, as well.

Wooden pallet EUR-EPAL

Wooden pallet EUR-EPAL 800x1200mm

Our offer includes high quality wooden pallets with general dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm more