The   origins   of   the   company   date   back   to   1990,  when  Józef  Gałka  first  began  his  activity  under  the  name  Trak-Drew,  providing  wood  transport  services. 

In  1995  Józef  Gałka  started  to  convert  wood  raw  material  on  his  own.  The  acquired  knowledge,  a  fresh  drive  and  work  experience  enabled  him  to  construct  a  new  sawmill   and   triggered   off   the   cooperation   with   an   increasing   number   of   companies.  

Firstly, we would like to thank you sincerely for the interest and time devoted to our company. We hope that the presentation of our company will meet your expectations

All interested parties are invited to the cooperation with our company!