Our  offer  is  completed  by  square  timber.  It  varies based on its length and section, however the range for square timber length is generally standardised  (from  10  to  30  cm).  Simple,  raw  wooden    elements    are    subjected    to    basic    processing  operations  (planing)  and  therefore  are   characterised   by   their   smooth   surface   without  burrs.  Square  timber,  in  other  words  beams,    may    successfully    undergo    further    treatment,   e.g.   by   applying   of   wood   stain,   varnishing   or   sanding.  

Thus,   square   timber   is  not  only  used  as  a  material  in  construction  sector but also in other industries.The    square    timber    that    we    propose    isproduced   from   coniferous   wood   which   has   optimum   hardness   and   at   the   same   timedoes   not   present   difficulties   in   processing.Square  timber  is  ideal  as  a  structural  elementfor   wooden   pallet   production.  

The   pallets   performed    in    a    good    and    workmanlikemanner    are    an    irreplaceable    solution    in    shipping and storing operations.

Square timber 75x75x2400

Square timber 75x75x2400 more

Square timber 60x98x2400

Square timber 60x98x2400 more

Square timber 95x95x2400

Square timber 95x95x2400 more

Square timber 90x90x2400

Square timber 90x90x2400 more

Square timber 78x98x2400

Square timber 78x98x2400 more

Square timber 78x98x1200

Square timber 78x98x1200 more

Square timber 78x78x2400

Square timber 78x78x2400 more

Square timber 76x90x2400

Square timber 76x90x2400 more

Square timber 75x78x2400

Square timber 75x78x2400 more

Square timber 70x78x2400

Square timber 70x78x2400 more